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Do you want to see your life differently? What is not working, not feeling right, or needs an adjustment? Are your habits hindering your performance? 

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Do you have the best solutions to expand your current career, company or nonprofit? 

Do you need ideas for marketing, affiliate program, or how to improve your brand or service? Could your team or leaders benefit from some motivation?

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CELEBRATING 10+ YEARS as a Company with Heart!

Vision, Mission & Purpose


Our Vision, Mission and Purpose is to improve lives, encourage self-reliance globally. We accomplish this through innovative ideas, educational platforms and philanthropy. 

We are a company who inspires others to be 'Trendsetters with a Purpose'!

Self-Reliance is when members of a community are confident and have the capacity and skills to act as agents of their own development. 

Self-Reliance in areas of Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Financial. 

Our vision is making waves!

Meet High Style Founder, Julie E Harman


The owner, Julie E Harman, is a National award-winning title holder, Ms. America 2016, a professional documentary artist, an author, and speaker. 

Ms. Harman has served all over America, learning what it takes to create healthier and happier environments for our community. She also earned the Presidential Gold Award for Community Service and she continues to dedicate herself to the role of sharing the empowering message of self-care and self-reliance. 

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Current 'Trendsetting' Community Projects, Partners & Campaigns

Empowering Young Generations


We align with several partners to support the self-reliance of teens within school & social settings. This includes topics such as suicide awareness & prevention, staying sober & drug free, and preparing for adult life. 

learn about our 'LIFE WORTH LIVING' campaign!

Environment- Clean Water & Air


Due to the amount of harmful chemicals which are taking over in ways we cannot see, we have to raise awareness about these important issues. Increasing plants, filtering water, and preserving foods without harmful chemicals are some ways to create positive change. 

show your solutions!

Encouraging Healthy Education


High Style is partnered with nonprofits who support the efforts of creating opportunities in less fortunate countries with the basic right to education by raising funds for homes, bathrooms, schools, food, and clean water. 

We want to contribute!

Equine Therapy for Recovery & Enlightenment


We support and believe in the healing powers of Equine Therapy. We encourage the relationship between human and horse! 

Saddle Up with u s!

Elderly Care & Events


We hope the very best for our aging citizens!  Seniors are wonderful contributors to society! They deserve support, appreciation and devoted care.

support our seniors!

Evolving Technology & Networking


We realize that technology effects all Generations and we need to stay on top of the advancements which connect us all! 

let's unite on purpose!

We Welcome new Clients, Partners and Projects!


Our clients have ranged from citizens, public figures, professional athletes, famous musicians and more. We have worked with Global Nonprofits and Companies! 


Our partners have been all over many industries. We realize that as we open up to possibilities, the opportunities grow right along with us! There is a lot of potential with our partner growth, and we want to help it grow organically and on purpose! 


We care about what communities experience on a local level. It is vital that communities feel empowered, as we promote individual responsibility and preparedness. 


Do you have a skill-set that could assist us with our projects or partners? Do you have a passion for one or more of these topics? Please email us at network@highstylecompany.com

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