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natural beauty awakens each of us

This short video will provide you with a sense of why Nature is such a valuable asset to healing, upliftment, and overall wellness! 

My recent publication, 'Give, Receive, and Break Free' was inspired by the healing power of nature within as well as Mother Nature. Every single decision we make is tied back to the elemental laws of nature, just as our very breath.  

Vision, Mission & Purpose

Vision: Prepare, Preserve, Perform

Our society has become so dependent on technology that we often forget how important it truly is to stay connected to the power of nature. There has never been a better time to invite Nature "in". Through natural healing sounds, natural elements, connected directly to our senses, we can continue to thrive at a more efficient level just by having more interactions with Nature. 

Mission: Creating Healthier & Happier Environments

High Style Company has a mission to improving communities & companies by bringing the "heart" of nature into their environments. High Style means being a "trendsetter" and when it comes to bringing Nature back into communities, this is exactly what humanity needs! We are just beginning to discover the true healing power that has always been there waiting for us to rediscover it. 

Purpose: Workshops & Events

As a National award-winning title holder, Ms. America 2016, professional documentary artist, author, and speaker, I will bring new life and connection to your next event and community! I have served all over America, learning what it takes to create healthier and happier environments for our community. 

Also earning the Presidential Gold Award for Community Service was such huge honor, and I continue to dedicate myself to the role of sharing the empowering message of self-care and self-reliance with Nature & Wellness. 

~Julie E. Harman, Owner High Style Company

types of consulting sessions

90 Min Private Upliftment Session

Want to see your life differently? What is not working, not feeling right, or needs an adjustment? Are your habits hindering your performance? Let's have a session about how you can alter your habits so that you can alleviate stress and increase harmony into your life! 

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Group Empowerment Session

Do you have a group that needs some upliftment or empowerment? 

Perhaps Teens? Elderly? 

Sports Teams? Church camps? 

We will bring our ideas or create a custom Session for your Group!  

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Company & Community Sessions

There are many ways to bring a new level of commitment, connection or collaboration to any group! What are some challenges you face with keeping your people feeling encouraged? Let us shed some "light" on your environments! 

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