Meet High Style Owner, Julie E. Harman

Ms. America 2016, Global Spokesmodel, Writer, Artist, Speaker, Musician, and Spiritual Guide

Thank you for arriving to my website, High Style! I have been working towards the company of my dreams for over 10 years! I feel it has taken every bit of me to not only DREAM BIG but to stick with it through many shifts and challenges. Thankfully, I didn't give up and rather grew it to what it is today. I am beyond thankful for my clients, customers, and support system who has backed me along the way. 

Being a single mother of two daughters has been the most valuable role in my life! Every new client, event, and opportunity, is what gives me hope that my dream of being a female small business owner is worth living for!

My love for business and creating began as far back as I can remember! I have been a writer, artist and musician my entire life. 

I have lived all over America, and from one end to another in Massachusetts to Hawaii! I have served others with great dedication, commitment, and passion. I earned my college degree in International Cultural Studies & Communications, with Cum Laude honors. This college degree helped prepare me to become a serial entrepreneur, owning several companies.

Writing has been a huge part of my life as I am inspired to write 'High Style Formulas' which are my concepts for my Private & Group Consulting Sessions. I have been consulting nonprofits and business owners for many years, assisting them with their Image & Brand, as well as development. These concepts are what led me to competing in the Ms. America Pageant. 

I have also continued my writing, and recently published by first book, 'Give, Receive and Break Free'. This book is the foundation for my eCourses, speaking engagements, as well as so much more to come! 

My dream of 'High Style' is ready to commit to another 10 years of epic adventures, events, and much more! Please inquire about how we can create together! 


My Platform & Service as Ms. America 2016

Welcome to a brief look into the service and story of how I became Ms. America 2016! 

The Ms. America Pageant is for women who are 26 and older, and they are single, married, divorced and widowed. 

This pageant is known for the 'Crown for a Purpose' to make a difference! 

I was fortunate to stand with women from all over America who competed for the title, and I was awarded the title as well as the Presidential White House 'Gold Award' for Community Service and Ms. Congeniality by my pageant contestants. 

I created over 100 appearances all across America, serving and supporting over 2 dozen charities, as well as creating many life-changing experiences for many with my custom platform message, 'The Power of Liberty: Be Prepared, Be Responsible; Becoming Self-Reliant'. This message has become the foundation for much of what High Style stands for, and will continue to build its legacy upon! 

I have a huge love for and desire to continue to serve, support and provide aid to those who are learning to develop their own levels of self-reliance. Please take a look through the gallery of images, as well as click the link to learn more about how you can support some of the current nonprofits High Style supports today!  

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