high style began in black & white

My Life with an all manual black & white film camera all began back in 1996...

Learning the true "art" of photography began in the dark room, with real film and real "film" developer. I learned the hard way, to to speak, of which I am beyond grateful for! I learned how to see real light, capture it, and bring my subject to life! I became intrigued by the entire process, and once I knew I was great at black & white, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a camera that could capture color and teach me the next level. My passion continued to blossom, grow, and created the results you see in the above gallery as well as hundreds of thousands more images over the course of the past 20+ years! I enjoy photographing events and low light photography happens to be my favorite, because it is very challenging! I continue to photograph with all manual settings, and added light when needed. I have photographed all over the world, and will continue to build my gallery for my printed art, as well as my consulting sessions. 

Due to my"focus" becoming more in front of the camera than behind the camera, I am only serious about photography in limited circumstances from this point going forward. If you have an inquiry you would like to discuss, please drop me a line in the contact form below! 

Thank you so much for inquiring! Have a Blessed "Light-filled" day! 

Julie E Harman as High Style Photography owner

Julie E Harman as High Style Photography owner

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